After The Arab Awakening…

Panelists at the 2011 World Affairs Institute listen to a student question before responding.

As followers of this blog are probably aware, it was set up primarily to provide up-to-date resources in advance of our 2011 World Affairs Institute.  As such, we will no longer be updating this blog with information about the ongoing upheaval in the Arab World.  Instead, we recommend you check out our Council blog at and our website at for resources on a wide range of issues.

But before we go, there are a few final items we’d like to share — resources that will provide you with ongoing coverage of the Arab Awakening.

  • Issue Guide: One Year of ‘Arab Spring’ Upheavals (Council on Foreign Relations): An extensive compilation page featuring materials (videos, articles, blogs, etc) from a range of sources.  The highlighted pieces feature expert analysis and important background information on the key issues facing the Arab World, one year after the start of the “Arab Spring.”
  • Lesson Plan: Writing About Arab Spring (Pulitzer Center): Designed for educators, the page is developed around lesson plans for students in grades 6-12. Toward the bottom of the page, however
  • Middle East Channel ( The latest from Foreign Policy on what’s happening in the region, including articles and blog posts.

We hope you found this to be an educational and helpful resource in learning more about the Arab Awakening, and encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, our main blog, and website!


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